Retrain Your Brain To Live A Happier Life

Date: 18.Jul.2021Category:Inspiration,Mental Health,Life Purpose

“Don’t let the mistakes and disappointments of the past control and direct your future.” ~ Zig Ziglar

I have always found myself holding onto my past. Be it my mistakes, choices, childhood memories - good and bad ones, regrets, words that have been spoken to me, and so on. I think looking back with joy is a good thing, but holding on to everything while trying to move forward is not so good. I came to terms that I need to accept my past and let it go while smiling towards what’s ahead, after all, “better things are yet to come” - C.S. Lewis
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Kick In The Ass

The quote this week is important to stop and think about. How often do you kick yourself for past decisions and “failures” in your life? Why do you continue to be your own worst enemy? How self-defeating can you be?!

Lots of questions here, but take a moment and reflect on the negative things you tell yourself day in and day out. It might surprise you to know how hard you are on yourself. Stop being consumed by and giving your power to the past, which no longer exists. All you have is right this minute. Whatever happened in the past needs to stay back there so you can step into the next part of your life. Be very mindful of the thoughts you allow to permeate in your brain. As soon as you go down the rabbit hole of the past, stop yourself immediately and say, “I’m grateful for what happened because it’s made me a better person today”. The past is a heavy load to carry around all the time. Isn’t it time to set that load down and forgive yourself? Like it or not, opportunities will not open their doors until you can unhook yourself from the past.

Instead of allowing the past to define you, use it merely as a stepping stone in your life’s journey to fulfillment and happiness. If you allow the hooks of the past to drag you backwards, you’ll feel like you’re “stuck”. Old, negative outlooks on life and perspectives creep in and before you know it, you can’t remember the last time you felt truly happy.
Some things in our past can be more challenging than others to let go of. It takes retraining your brain so you can create healthier thought patterns vs the “doom and gloom” ideology you might find yourself in. It’s all about becoming hyper-aware of the thoughts you allow to take hold in your brain and actively changing them when needed and at the exact moment the thought appears.

Here are a couple of books I HIGHLY recommend, which helped me change my own brain patterns:

What's Good, Kira?

Because of the many requests I’ve received, as well as a publishing company and CNBC reaching out, I am actively writing a book in which I reveal my own personal and powerful story of trauma and life challenges and how I used those hardships to transform myself into an entirely new being. I have set a goal to finish and lock it in with a publishing house by the end of this year. Stay close to your homegirl for updates on this very exciting venture!

I take most of my own photography, but sometimes I’m approached by photographers, whom I enjoy their work and will collaborate with. I’ve never experienced unpleasant situations in my modeling career. This past week I was to shoot with a photographer I hadn’t worked with in the past. However, the night before, I felt very uneasy about him and the energy he was giving off. I went with my instincts and cancelled the shoot, which he was perfectly fine with. However, he started to DM me the next day with very strange comments, which actually concerned me quite a bit. I haven’t felt that relieved in trusting my intuition in a long time. I personally have to work hard to trust my own feelings on things as I lean heavier on the rational and logical side. But the feelings we get in the pit of our stomach are rarely, if ever, wrong.

Moral of the story: If it doesn’t feel right, that’s because it’s not. Too many times, we ignore or do not trust our own intuition and force something which is not supposed to be. Trust yourself. You know best.

It Goes Down In The DM

Often, its empathetic strangers whom we feel most comfortable going to for advice. The vast majority of DM’s I receive daily are from men who seek my advice on specific life challenges. The issues are not uncommon, and I feel as though many can relate and would find these conversations incredibly useful in their own lives. With the approval from these individuals (and also keeping it anonymous), I’ll share these private conversations with you.

In this week’s “Kira, I need some advice”, we have a gentleman who is struggling on deciding whether to break up with his current girlfriend in order to be with the one he’s been having an affair with.
Here’s our conversation:

Did You Know?

  • 90% of serotonin receptors (the happy chemical that prevents depression) are located in your gut! Your gut health and diet can positively or negatively affect your mood. The medical field has only recently discovered another part of the nervous system INSIDE our guts.
  • Feeling a bit blah? Review your food choices. Are you eating reasonably healthy? Do you support your gut health with pre and probiotics? Get on it! I love getting my vitamin recommendations from Amazon reviews. Stay away from any of the gummy vitamins. They generally never pack enough in them and are of poorer quality in nutrients.

I personally enjoy this brand (I take the Woman’s version of probiotics) as it’s packed full of high quality ingredients:


Would You Rather?

…find true love today
win the lottery next year?


Now ask yourself why you answered the way you did.

For me, I’d choose the lottery winning, as finding true love is not high on my priority list at the moment. I allow love to flow naturally into my life. It’ll come when I’m ready for it.

Make Humor Great Again

How do you get a pool table to laugh?
Tickle its balls.